Meet the Psy-Chics



 JOANIE CONN uses Tarot and Angel Oracle cards to determine what soul lesson you are learning at this point in your life. With Joanie, find out which people, spirit guides, angels, or deceased loved ones are helping you learn this lesson so you know you are not alone.  Her mission is to help others on their path. Your spirit wants to communicate with you. Joanie possesses the ability to identify your helpers and to assist in the translation of their messages by using cards and a lifetime of spiritual study. By tapping into your Spirit, she can bridge the gap of uncertainty to make the messages clear.



 Claircognizant, clairsentiant & clairaudient, BEVERLY MCCHESNEY offers a myriad of services including Spirit Readings, Channeled Messages, Spiritual Counseling, Mediumship, and more; she is here to help, whatever the modality. She has been an Usui Reiki Master since 2002, and is a student of several of the ancient Mystery Schools.  She is a Templar Degree Consciousness Facilitator as well as a Blue Star Celestial Healing Master, and has attained her Bachelor of Science in Parapsychic Science.  Beverly is a certified member of the World Metaphysical Association and is Ordained.  



HOLLY MCCULLOUGH is a hereditary psychic medium who has spent her life in the study of spirit work, shamanic practices and channeled energy healing. She offers psychic, past life, and Akashic Record readings. It is through this work that she builds a bridge between the seen and the unseen for the greatest and highest good of those around her.  



KENNEDY TURNER worked as a Special Education Teacher for 15 years until a serious car accident & near-death experience ended her career. She dedicated herself to developing her psychic abilities, which include Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Channeling & Spiritual/Empathic healing, as well as Intuitive Tarot Card Reading. Kennedy opened The Cat’s Meow Tarot and Talismans, & devotes herself to helping others through the use of her abilities. She also designs & blesses jewelry & other objects for restorative & protective purposes. Kennedy feels it is her calling to serve as a channel for spirit & the Divine in order to share messages of peace, love & comfort that come through for those in need of healing & guidance. She is a certified Reiki practitioner & a member of the American Tarot Association, adhering to their Code of Ethics. 



SHAY Smith is a Professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Artist and Paranormal Investigator with more than 15 years experience as a reader. Shay uses tarot/oracle cards as well as a very unique method she calls Spirit Art during her readings. As she connects with her client, the Spirit Art paintings & sketches she produces form a physical representation of what she senses metaphysically. Shay will incorporate the tarot & oracle cards in with her Spirit Art Portrait sessions to give her clients a very personalized session that, at the end, allows them to take home their portraits with them



JOANNA is a Core Shamanic practitioner as well as an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. She has natural intuitive talents that have been lovingly nurtured by her family with wisdom  from the ancient European Mystical  arts.   JoAnna has studied with more than six master shamans and received  intensive training in shamanic journeying and healing techniques. As a result of adopting a shamanic philosophy of living and through dedicated meditative practice, JoAnna experienced a dark night of the soul event that called her to help others by providing messages from the spirit of love ones and white light beings.  Through the use of her natural intuitive skills, oracle card readings, and her unique Shamanic journey technique, she channels information from spirit to help others make decisions as they travel on their life path. JoAnna also helps others by providing the healing ceremonies of Soul Retrieval, emotional cord detachment, and Shamanic Reiki. 



MISSY SWANGO  is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach and has a passion for helping people with relationship issues. She consults on “Matters of the Heart”. Missy realized as a child that she could “hear” things and information came to her in her dreams. She grew up realizing that she could “feel” what other people around her were feeling; ailments, emotions or otherwise. Missy wanted answers and grew more interested in the paranormal and metaphysical world. She has always had deep intuition and added  this aspect to her counseling services in 2015. She offers a complete Relationship & Intimacy Intuitive Consulting Service that is unlike any other Intuitive Reader, and has perfected her one of a kind Intuitive Consulting Service. Most of her clients are looking for what is missing in their relationships, how to problem solve, or perhaps add intimacy back to their lives. One can expect to have a sincere, unique & confidential consultation. She offers practical “real life” solutions as well as spiritual and intuitive messages for the client's source issue. She has completed many certifications in Women's Health, Child Psychology, Parapsychology, Intimacy & Sexual Health and Intuitive Counseling.  



RACHEL is an Intuitive and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013. Her quest for spiritual growth has led to acquiring Pranic Healing I and Crystal Reiki Certifications. She is also a Master Reiki Practitioner and holds certifications in Assisted Stretch Therapy, Prenatal, Bamboo and Hot Stone Massage. All these modalities can help relieve muscle tension and assist Rachel to address any particular area of discomfort! She intuitively knows where there are energy blocks and goes with the flow to help massage them out. Energy blocks are caused by everyday stresses in our lives. We hold on to stress in our bodies whether we realize it or not. Using her intuitive massage techniques, she also helps arrange energy so our chakras work better and the energy flows more freely. 



THE PSY-CHICS COUNTER PARTS - THE META MEN METAPHYSICAL LECTURE GROUP * Enjoy Wes Forsythe, Mark James & Jim McChesney by having them speak at your next event.